One of the first-class matters approximately a lawn sprinkler timer linked to a laptop is the ease in which it is able to be setup and programmed. If you ever had a trouble programming a traditional timer with it’s small display and the knob for deciding on distinctive setup options, then you will love the PC Timer. This timer is setup and programmed with your home PC. What makes this unique and higher is that you can see all of the begin instances, stations run times and application scheduling unexpectedly to your pc display screen. All that is required is a few clicks of the mouse and your timer is setup and jogging. Austin Spinkler Repair

For those who need greater superior features, there’s the choice of controlling both a pump or a grasp valve for each station. This allows for use of a pump on a lake for watering those huge regions and the usage of a master valve for the smooth town water for the drip irrigation. There is the choice of changing the generic labels which includes ‘Station 1’ to some thing significant inclusive of ‘Front Yard’. Programs also can be stored to disk and given extra significant names as nicely, like ‘Summer’ or ‘Landscape Drip’. A rain switch input is available to allow maximum commonly closed rain switches to be used with this timer.

Since this timer is attached to your pc there are a couple of various ways that you may get entry to it from a far off vicinity. If you’re presently the usage of software that allows you to manipulate your computer from a far off area you could also manage the software for the irrigation timer. If now not, then there is an embedded internet browser that comes with the timer with a purpose to assist you to get right of entry to the software program with a web browser from a remote location. For added convenience there’s a service that you may use to track the IP deal with of your laptop so that it’s far less complicated to locate at the Internet.

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